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We are pleased that have you visited our web site! If you are interested in PERMANENT MAKE UP, TATTOO, CONTURE MAKE UP, MICROPIGMENTATION or DERMATOLOGIC IMPLANTATION, then you will be certainly most curious about our ELEFAN TATOO appliance, which is designed for these purposes.
Tatoo device ELEFAN Tatoo designed for permanent make-up and tattooELEFAN TATOO is a reliable all-metal device that has been proving good in professional beauty parlors for 10 years now. For the purposes of the PERMANENT MAKE UP, we supply ELEFAN needles with various number of pinpoints (from 1 to 7) in a disposable sterile package.
Adjustability and plunge accuracy of the needle incision (from 0 to 1,6mm with accuracy in 0.01mm) destines the ELEFAN TATOO appliance for the purposes of MICROPIGMENTATION, CONTURE MAKE UP and DERMATOLOGIC IMPLANTATION as well.
Reliability, ergonomics, easy cleaning, very low vibration and very silent run of the ELEFAN TATOO appliance excels at these finest cosmetic operations.
ELEFAN products are certified by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Czech Republic, Chief Health Officer of the Czech Republic, Engineering Test Institute of the Czech Republic. The ELEFAN TATOO device complies with the electromagnetic compatibility, vibrations and noise requirements given by the regulations in force in the Czech Republic as well as in the EU.